Glass Journalism

USC Annenberg Glass Journalism course


I’m excited to announce that in the Fall I will be leading a Glass Journalism course that will produce news apps – from creation of journalistic content to the consumption of optimized content – for the wearable device.

The class will consist of teams (Journalist, Designer, Developer) working together to research and develop different types of news apps designed specifically for the Glass platform.

We have some pretty impressive media partners, already have some devices and there is a chance we might get some additional grant funding.

This class will explore:

  • How will these new devices disrupt journalism?
  • How can we create journalism content with wearables?
  • What is the future of the “article” on this platform?
  • What unique experiences can be created for this device?

The Glass Journalism course is going to be innovative and experimental in a variety of ways… the first step is on the collaborative way I’ve decided to shape this class:

If you are a USC student interested in this course, come to Annenberg room 204 at 3:30PM Monday, March 3 for a course planning meeting.

In this class we’re not talking about the future of journalism, we’re building it.

Email me if you have any questions: / @webjournalist / @glassjournalism

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